Sign and Symptoms of Back Pain

Sign and Symptoms of Back Pain

Back pain is kind of painful and uncomfortable situations that usually occurs on 35 – 50’s adult. This pain is a sign from patient body that there is something wrong with patient bones, muscles and ligament in patient backs.

If patient feel the symptoms of back pain particularly in the lower area of patient back, it may attack patient discs between the vertebrae, lower back muscles, or ligaments around the spine and discs. While the pain in the upper area may be caused by spine inflammation, disorders of the aorta, and tumor in patient chest.

There are several factors that can raise the risk of someone to get back pain, such as pregnancy, stressful job, age, depression, obesity, smoking, strenuous physical job, anxiety. By knowing these factors, people should be more careful in doing activities.

Causes of Back Pain

There are several organs that form patient complex back structure. Problem that happened to one of these organs can cause back pain.

1. Strain

Lifting something heavy with improper manner are the most common cause of back pain. It is because patient muscles and ligaments are strained abruptly.

2. Structural problems

Some of structural problems are ruptured disks and bulging disks which caused by more pressure on a nerve, herniated disk pressing which make patient feel a sharp pain from patient buttock down the back of the leg. The other abnormal structure problem are arthritis and osteoporosis.

3. Poor posture of daily activities

When patient do the daily activities with poor posture instead of an ergonomic ways, it may affect on causing patient back pain. Some activities that should do in a proper way such as carrying or lifting something, standing or bending down for long time, over stretching, muscle tension, even coughing and sneezing.

4. Sign and symptoms of back pain

The main symptoms of back pain is that the patient feel pain anywhere on their back. For the other back pain case, the pain even goes to buttock and leg. This symptoms is shortly notice as its goes in short period.

The symptoms that require the patient to immediately see the doctor when it comes with:

1. Weight loss

Healthy people usually will have stable weight chart. It can sometimes increase once and decrease the other time in a normal amount. This weight chart can be a guidance. When people have back pain and their weight decrease significantly in a short period, this can be serious.

2. Fever

The other side effect of serious back pain is the body temperature of the patient elevated significantly. Normal body temperature should be around 36-37oC. When it comes up above it, then the patient should be checked by the doctor.

3. Persistent back pain

A critical case can also recognized due to the period of the back pain. If it takes longer than usual, and it even won’t react to the standard treatment, then it is serious. The back pain won’t healed even after some rest or lie down.

4. Pain down the legs

General back pain should be occur around back area. But when it comes down to the legs, reaches below the knees, the patient should pay more attention on it. This symptoms can only happen when there is another cautious case to be cared.

5. Difficulty of urinating and fecal incontinence

A patient with back pain, especially lower back pain, sometimes may have difficulties in doing urinating or even lose bowel control that may cause the feces came out unintentionally. These conditions can lead the patient to more serious back pain if not cured soon.

6. Numbness around genital or anus or buttocks

Back pain that attack lower area are more likely attack organs around it. Back pain patient can feel nothing on the genital or anus or buttock when the disease is getting worse.

Besides those symptoms above, the people with the following criteria should also have their medical check up when suffering back pain.

  • Patients who have been taking steroids for a few months
  • Drug abusers
  • People under 20 years old or above 55 years old
  • Patients with cancer or have had it
  • Patients with low immune systems.

Knowing the symptoms of back pain help people to take precise action and understand what should be done. Regular back pain won’t hurt much and will disappear soon. But when it comes with serious symptoms, the patient shouldn’t hesitate to seek for medical advice. In order to avoid back pain, people should do a healthy life of ways. Exercise routinely help to increase healthier body, produce higher immune systems. 

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